Singapore zoo Night safari tour package Timings, charges, shows and review

As I have mentioned in my previous post we finished seeing the Singapore Zoo at 6.00pm.  We had a pizza from the restaurant inside the zoo and continued our journey towards the direction showing Night Safari. Night Safari was truly an unique experience to us to view various nocturnal animals from different parts of the world. First I thought it would be seeing another zoo in dim light. But this Night safari was very informative and the animals where very active at night.

Night Safari Opening Hours & Rates

Night Safari starts from 7.30pm in an open tram.The admission charge for the adult is S$32.00 and for child is S$21.00.Since we have already taken the combo pack  lot of time is saved.In addition to this those who wish can take “Park Hopper pass” which allows the entrance to the Jurong Bird Park, the Singapore Zoo, and the Night Safari at a net discount of $12.Night zoo safari takes you through 40 hectares of secondary jungle adjoining Singapore Zoo for 45 minutes duration.

There was a long queue for the tram.But the Staff were very efficient so that no confusion was there. First tram starts at sharp 7.30 pm . A guide also accompanied with us . The tram slows down where ever animals were seen and the guide gives the short description about them.Nocturnal animals are sensitive to bright lights. so there is a strict bann for using flash photography in Night safari.For those who love adventures tram will stop and you can  walk around the trails and observe animals up- close and personal.Each walking trails takes approximately 20 minutes to cover .

During the 45 minutes tram ride we experienced a close encounter with Malayan tapirs, frisky deer, bizzare babirusas, roaring lions, tigers, majestic elephants, elusive pangolin and shy barking deer in the naturalistic habitats. We also observed  animals like stealthy fishing cats as they hunt for their prey ,shy binturongs as they play hide and seek amongst the shadows.After seeing the Malayan flying foxes , giant flying sqirrels,river toads, centipedes and cave racers we experienced a thrilling sense of roaming through the jungle.

Singapore Zoo Night show timings

Thumbuakar performance
venue: entrance plaza
timings: daily 7.00pm, 8.00pm & 9.00pm

Creatures of night show
venue: Amphitheater
timings: daily 7.30pm, 8.30pm , 9.30pm & 10.30pm

We reached back the entrance plaza at 7.45 pm . There Thumbuakar show was going on. It was an incredible performance of fire eating stunts! That blasting fire show blowed us away. After that we went to see the creatures of night show. it was 30 minutes of non stop actions of otter, binturongs, raccons etc.The show was fantastic and some surprise was also there in between.

Many restaurants were there on the entrance plaza like ULU ULU , Bongo burgers ,Z’bar and so on.We had a nice dinner and rushed to the cab stop since it is very hard to get a cab after 11.30pm and you have to 50% sur charge . Night safari in Singapore zoo was an unforgettable , fascinating journey of wild life in a unique setting of darkness and mystery for us. Tomorrow’s post I will take you to Jurang bird park.

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