Singapore tax refund, GST refund , Shopping in Singapore

As a tourist or visitor, you can enjoy GST refunds on goods purchased. All you have to do is to follow three simple steps to obtain tax refunds.

1) When shopping :
Buy from stores displaying the ‘Tax Free shopping or Premier tax free  logos . Spend S$100 at any one shop; then present your passport and ask for Global Refund Cheque, premier Tax free voucher or GST claim form from the shop.

2)  At customs:
For bulky items, present your goods to customs staff at  the departure hall of Changi airport prior to checking in. Goods must be accompained by either GST claim forms ,Global refund cheques or Premier Tax free vouchers ,receipts ,passport and supporting travel documents.For hand carried goods present the goods at the tax office, transmit Mall after departure immigration and obtain the customs stamp before checking the items.

3) Collecting your Refund:
Proceed to a Premier Tax Free GST refund counter with your endorsed voucher and claim your GST refund in cash or as a bank cheque, or through credit card. A small handling fee will be deducted from  refund value.The Premier Tax free GST refund vouchers are valid  for two months only from the endorsement date, and must be returned to Premier Tax free in order for your refund to be duly proceed.
Premier Tax free GST refund counters are located at Singapore International Changi Airport terminals 1,2,3 and Budget terminal.

A 7% GST is levied on all goods imported into Singapore. Visitors, tourists, permanent residents of Singapore will be grated GST relief on all new purchases excluding liquor and tobacco. GST relief is not offered to work permit,employment, student,dependent orlong term pass holders.So get ready to take advantage of duty free shopping in Singapore.

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