Rajasthan Trip – Jaipur , Jodhpur and Udaipur attractions

We started planning for a Rajasthan trip one month back and finally on October 7th 2008 started our six day trip. This time we booked our package through Cox and Kings, flight from Bangalore to Jaipur was at 6:10am by Indigo flight and we reached Jaipur by 9:15am. Our driver Narendra Sharma from Rajasthan Routes and trails Pvt limited (booked by Cox & Kings) was waiting outside the airport. He appeared to be around 60 years old and he took us from airport to hotel Nirvana hometel, situated next to Jaipur railway station and bus station. It was a decent good hotel, facilities are all neat and clean . Hotel was 25 minutes from airport. We had a breakfast from nearby restaurant. We got fresh and driver was waiting outside the hotel for our first day trip to City Palace Jantar Mantar, Albert Hall and Birla temple.

While  car passed thru the old pink city , our driver was explaining about this old city that all the houses are colored in pink, if any houses or shops try to change the colour there is a fine from the government. Every houses and shops looks as it was built by the king during 17th century and nobody  is allowed to alter the shapes of the building outside and all the name boards are written in Hindi in front of the shops and it was a nice view to see all the houses and shops in same pink colour that is why it is called as Pink City.

There are 6 gates for the old pink city and all the gates looks similar through the Johri Bazar we reached the Jantar Mantar.  In Jantar Mantar even though it was too hot we took some snaps and one guide clearly explained us what the astronomical calculation are etc . This is one of the working astronomical observatory in India .There are 7 other similar astronomical observatory in India.

Then we went to City Palace City Palace entrance fee was around 130 rupees . When we reach the city palace there was a big group of foreigners who who are visiting City Palace and they were welcomed very grandly with traditional song and dance and we captured that and it was a real good experience for us. These foreigners were taken in camel around the palace it was a nice view inside the city palace with full painted in pink colour and it was well maintained. By this time we started feeling hungry and driver has taken us to a traditional hotel  which was just in front of the city palace where we ordered one Rajasthani thali and one Punjabi Thali which cost around 250 rupees each. Food was really good.

We now moved to Albert museum . The king of Rajasthan has created this Albert Hall for the princess from Britain to stay when he visited India.  Albert Museum is now having a live mummy and you can see the mummy in the Albert hall,  in 2005 they have taken a x-ray  and its exibited there. Skeleton is very clearly viewed on this x-ray.

It was a nice experience to walk around and watch all those things and finally see the mummy we get out of this Albert Museum and then headed towards Birla temple. Birla temple was looking awesome created in white marble and it was giving such a cool climate inside even though it was so hot outside. We  relaxed 10 to 15 minutes in Birla temple and prayed then return back to the car which was waitingthere outside by now we were feeling so tired because of the hot weather outside.

By around 4:30 we reached hotel and decided to take rest and call it a day. We took a nice nap till 6:30pm and decided to go out for our dinner so we just stepped out of your hotel and it was so amazing to see the crowd. Sunday morning there was no much crowd when we were starting our city tour but now everything has been changed and it was such a rush outside there was not even a little space to keep our legs area. It was completely crowded by travelers probably  going outside the city. We found a very nice hotel which is called Rawat. It is a two minutes walking distance from our hotel Nirwana hometel. We went there and ordered food it took little time to serve, came back and had our sleep and we were kind of waiting for next days tour.