I have been reading few of the great websites about qualities of great leaders and desired leadership qualities which need to be developed. Here are the few of them which I feel important.

All good leaders have their focus and know what they are trying to achive. They are not confused about their targets or even if they are confused, they don’t show it outside.

All leaders are courageous to achieve their target, they are courageous to protect their teammates. They are courageous to take actions and stand behind their actions.

Public Praise
Leaders will not show any hesitation in praising their employees or team mates in public.

Criticize in private.
Leaders believe criticism is important for identifying problems and improving over it. But they criticize people in private.

Objectives are meaningful.
Ideal leaders takes effort to explain their objectives to employees so that it feel meaningful to others, so that people can add value to it and work more closer to achieve the target.

Stay Connected
Good leaders are good communicators and they stay connected with their employees.

Care his people.
Good leaders always care and protect his people, no matter how aggressive he is with the employees , when it is required to protect and care, he does it.

Leaders are always reliable and he is stable in his decisions. He is predictable so that his people can expect similar behavior during similar situations.

Humor and Common sense.
Humor is one of the great ways to criticize and point out mistakes. Good leaders use this technique very well. Common sense is another quality every leaders should have.

Leaders always inspire his people. He would be a good mentor and motivator.

Great leaders delegate responsibilities not just tasks. Delegating right task to right person is the key.

Positive Mental attitude.
Leaders are always motivators and they have a great positive attitude towards life and work. Positive thinking is part of the life.

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