One day tour to Mt Titlis – Switzerland with photos

Next day our trip was to Mt. Titlis – a mountain of adventure and eternal snow. This trip starts at 1 pm at the same meeting point of previous day – Starbucks. Till 1 pm we were free. So we decided to see the famous lion monument which is a 2 minutes walk from our hotel. The dying Lion of Lucerne is one of the world’s famous monument. This monument itself is a a massive 10 meter wide by 6 meters high statue. This place will remind us the sorrow and grief of Swiss people after french revolution. You can feel the history , art and beauty all together. We sat and relax there for half an hour as it was a very quiet place. On the way back to our hotel we bought a few souvenirs from nearby shops.

By 1 pm we reached our common meeting point at Starbucks. We were really thrilled for this trip as we are going to experience snow first time in our life. Our trip starts with a scenic coach journey through the beautiful country side of Lucerne to Engelberg. We really enjoyed the breath taking views of the Swiss Alps and took some beautiful snaps which resembles the postcards. After 1 hour we reached the base station. our guide took the tickets and gave us clear instruction where to get down. We ascend to the aerial cable car Titlis Xpress.

The spectacular sight of the glaciers and gigantic ice boulders are still in front of our eyes. We got down  at the second station. From there we got into revolving cable car – Titlis Rotair to the top of Mt. Titlis – into the world of eternal snow and glaciers. On tothe top it was an amazing experience for both of us. We were so much excited , we played a lot in the snow just like kids.

Fortunately the weather was so good we could see the beautiful blue and clear sky with white clouds just above the fresh white snow. We then moved to the suspension bridge. It was little bit scary but we managed. Then we went to the Iceflyer we could see people sking in the snow from the iceflyer.

Then we move to glacier cave. Be careful it is really slippery. Also we had a beautiful snap in front of sharuk and Kajol.

Then we had our lunch from the restaurant. Indian buffet was arranged , they charge 3CHF per 100 gram. After the lunch we moved to the first station, we had a bit of sking and snow tubing there.

Now it is time for us to move to the base station. At this moment we wish we could have opt for a full day tour instead of half day. While coming down once again we were on and over the glacier and views were amazing .


On the base station there is a Indian cafeteria where they sell hot bajjis and samosa and tea. We had a tea and snacks from there. I would say this was the best trip in our life so far. Truly we experienced heaven on earth.