In pursuit of happiness and success

How to attain ultimate happiness and blissfulness. This is a great question to ask.

Is it more money which gives you happiness? Is it power which gives you ultimate happiness? Is it the gadgets which brings-in happiness ? If any of these brings ultimate happiness, this is our generation which should have been the happiest ever. Unfortunately that is not the reality.

Money can bring you convenience, power can bring you money, gadgets can bring you comfort, but these are very much relative, by relative i mean, it is relative to your current state of mind. Even though you gather all these gadgets, power, and money  you continue to search for more. It is an endless search of more and more of these . While i mention about happiness, i am talking about ultimate happiness which last forever, not just the happiness last for an hour or a day or a month. If you are looking for any such short term happiness this piece of information is not for you, instead you should go for a trekking, or a vacation , or a party/dating. In fact you may have to come back to this article when you are ready to understand this (may be after few years).
As mentioned in Vedanta  :-

If you separate yourself from your body, and accept or act in accordance with the pure consciousness, right now , right there, ultimate happiness is attained.

Such a complicated subject has been simplified and the point is made very clear to us in one single sentence. Lets deep dive into it a bit and understand it better.

Vedanta is asking us to separate ourselves from the body, that means, human beings are thinking that “I” means my body, a bit more matured people think , “I” means a combination of my body and mind. But in fact if you look deep within yourself, our body can be divided into five stages.

1. Physical body which consist of skin, flesh, bone etc. called as “annamaya kosa” in Vedanta. This body is made of food you eat.

2. Second level of ourselves is known as “pranamaya kosa”, which is made of our breath, emotions (happy, healthy, hungry).

3. Third level of ourselves is known as “manomaya kosa”, it is also known as subtle body which consist of memories, mind, perception etc.

4. Forth level is known as “vignanamaya kosa” which consist of intellect, knowledge , ego etc.

5. Fifth level is called as “anandamaya kosa”, it is the bliss, blankness like a sleep and it is something which is in common for all living beings. This is the pure consciousness which we are talking about. It flows thru you and all living beings.

Once we understand this concept clearly it will come to our knowledge that “anandamaya kosa” is common for every living being and that is why in Hindu philosophy it is mentioned as “Sarvam Ekamayam” which means everything is same. If you are ready to abide with this truth then happiness, unity , wellness will fall in place. If we understand that myself and the person sits near to me are  same, then there is no scope of having anger, jealous or any such emotions. It is just like two hands of our own body. If one hand pains other hand knows it and one hand gets food other hand doesn’t complain about it, rather it would be happy about it.

Spirituality in daily life

  • Consider your job as an offering to the self consciousness /God
  • Connect your daily activities more and more to the self consciousness / God
  • Increase the unselfishness* more and more on every activity

*Unselfishness doesn’t mean that you need to do your day to day job as a free service instead Unselfishness is that your awareness about you are not fulfilled with any activity other than consciousness realization. Believe that no worldly activities can give you a ultimate satisfaction only self consciousness /God realization will give ultimate bliss.


Let me now try to connect this principle with modern business management.When we discuss about creating a productive and performing team, we talk about common objectives, common goals, team work etc. These are the fundamentals of any productive team. Hope you too agree. So a common goal can make us productive, then my earlier statement about happiness is also very well true. It is nothing but the same in a larger scale of thinking.  Whether it is in business or in life having a common goal is the mantra for success. This is the mantra for happiness.

Once again :-

If you separate yourself from your body, and accept and act in accordance with the pure consciousness, right now, right there, ultimate happiness is attained.

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