An afternoon in Sentosa island, Singapore : Main attractions, songs of the sea

Sentosa, Asia’s favourite playground, is the perfect holiday destinations for both locals and tourists which is just 15 minutes from Singapore city centre. This premier island resort offers a unique blend of attractions like Desperados, 4D magix, cine blast, cable car, skyline luge, songs of the sea, tiger sky tower, Sentosa underwater world , Universal studios,wave house,Butterfly park & insect kingdom, Images of Singapore and so on. We reached this family orientated, environment Park at 1.30 pm. The admission fee for the island is $3 including the public transport. We took a noon combo package that provides us to select any of the four attractions for 40 $ per person, and it was valid till 7.00pm.Be fast and choosy to cover all your attractions before 7.oopm. In addition to this $10 for the songs of the sea. You can also pay as you go to each venue.

Sentosa 4D magix

Sentosa 4D magix is located at Imbiah lookout. There was a long queue and we waited there for nearly 30 minutes. The story was about the hilarious misadventures of captain lucky and his band of pirates in search of hidden treasures. We experienced every shake and bump, with all new wind gusts, water sprays and spooky lights and sounds through out the movie.That was really a thrilling experience for us.

Sentosa cine blast ( Extreme log ride)

It is the singapore first 4- dimensional stimulation ride. We experienced a roller coast ride without actuall having to ride on it. The show starts with the harvesting of super-trees, environmental wonders grown in a ‘super world ‘ called Himalamazon. We felt every thrilling twist, turn, spills, dip and dive while watching this animated adventure.It was a stomach -churning and gripping journey through deep caves and crocodile -infested pool for 15 minutes.

Tiger sky tower

After the mind blowing experience in the Sentosa cine blast we moved to Asia’s tallest observatory tower- Tiger sky tower.Standing at 131 meters above the sea level we got a great panoramic view of surrounding singapore skyline, coast of Indonesia and part of Malaysia. We were really impressed by the 7 minutes scenic sights from the tower.

Skyline luge

Next we moved to Skyline luge which offers a truly unique outdoor experience.It was just like go-carting .we had a fun ride from hilltop to the beach .you can go back to the top of hill through skyline. The ride was very slow and smooth and the view was amazing. We really enjoyed the panoramic view of the beautiful coastal line.

Songs of the sea

we stayed back for the 9.40pm show since the earlier two ,one at 7.40pm and the other at 8.40pm was sold out. It was 45 minutes of unbelievable entertainment with water jets and lasers synchornised with lively music and live chat. The theme goes like this ,a man named Lee along with his friends was trying to wake up the angel in the sea with their song.The show is set out at the beach with the beautiful landscape as background, sprinkling fountains of water and creating life like images on it by laser.The effects of smoke, lights, water and fire were fantastic. It was worth for the every penny that we paid for this show. Try to sit at the centre to enjoy the full effects of the spectacular show. If you are going to Singapore don’t miss this award winning show. Hatsoff to the creator of this grand creativity. Songs of the sea was the perfect end to our great afternoon in sentosa. Coming back to home once again we viewed songs of sea in the youtube.

There are many attractions which is free of cost and that includes Animals and bird encounters in which you will be entertained with
tricks and demonstrations of furry and feathered friends, Crane dance where you can witness the breathtaking dance in the world’s largest pair of animatronic cranes, Merlion plaza with 37 meters high Merlion from where you can get a paranormic view of the bay and the lush greenary. You can enjoy Sentosa Nature discovery and nature walk ,a 1.8 km nature walk that meandors through secondary forests. Also you can stroll down to the southern most point of Asia by crossing a small suspension bridge at Palawan beach.

Actually we missed the wave house, where you can experience the thrill of surfing on stimulated waves in the wave pool and palawan beach. If you are planning a trip to Singapore keep aside one full day for sentosa.

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