30 ideas for your email newsletter

  1. Provide tips and tricks to your audience to succeed.
  2. Provide tips on what Not to do
  3. Create a curated article list
  4. Latest industry trends to be published
  5. Interview industry expert
  6. Advises from other industry experts about any single topic which is trending
  7. Create infographics about any latest news or trends
  8. Make predictions about the industry
  9. Industry joke
  10. Introduce industry jargon
  11. Create list of social media influencers from your industry


  1. Any newsworthy out the organization, publish it
  2. Summary of any industry events
  3. Publish your company milestores and goals
  4. Review the tools your organization is using
  5. List online resources
  6. Publish latest tools and equipments available in your industry.


  1. Share company’s culture
  2. Talk about the music you live, latest articles, stories. no harm in being a bit personal.
  3. Introduce team members
  4. Write about company history.
  5. List job openings
  6. Any funny views you have, created by by anyone in the company, share it.
  7. Any community services you are part of ? share the details and photos
  8. Day to day life of employees


  1. Interview your customers
  2. Run a social media context

Products and Organization

  1. Talk a bit about your most popular product
  2. Talk about upcoming products if any
  3. Share a tutorial for your product or feature
  4. Holiday message and pics