25 ways to be positive and be productive in life

Don’t work in our comfort zone. push yourself.
We get stuck up with our comfort zone , but push yourselves out of the comfort zone.

Don’t just think, act.
Procrastination is something we all should avoid. By thinking we over complicate things. Start your task. We will get there.

Don’t fear asking for advice.
we all learn from our experience , there is no harm in asking advice from appropriate people.

Don’t multitask.
Multitasking is considered as productive which is not correct. Focus on one thing at a time, split the tasks into smaller one and finish one by one.

Don’t lie to ourselves.
Be faithful to yourselves.

Don’t hang around negative people.
Having negative people with you will spoil your mood , creativity and attitude. Avoid it.

Accepts failure.
Never try to justify your failures. Accept it, learn from it and move forward.

Always Try Again.
There is always another chance, keep trying again, might be in a different way. Believe in ourselves and ways will open up. Key is to try it differently.

Be Humble
Being humble is one of the greatest attitude we all should have.

Stay focused on your goals
What ever others says, stay focused on your goals and work towards it.

Don’t Panic When Things Go Slightly Wrong
Things might go wrong, never get panic instead stay focused and learn from mistakes.

Do Important Work First
Many people tend to finish simple stuff first when they get to work in the morning, instead try to finish the important work first. It gives you more confidence throughout the day and help you to improve your productivity and self confidence.

Be ALWAYS Positive
Be positive, there is always something to be positive. Finding out that within you and find ways to be positive.

Stop worrying About Things Beyond Control
When something goes wrong , think whether it is something which you could control, if yes try to avoid it next time , if not don’t worry about it . Anyways its out of your control.

Define Your Priorities
If there are x things to finish , first define your priorities , write it down and finish one by one. You feel great when you finish your todo list.

Be Mindful of Your Reputation
Understand that you have a reputation and always be mindful about it. You should place yourself where you need to be.

Write It Down
Different thoughts in your mind, lots of things to do .. Just sit and write it down . Your mind will get organized automatically and it is easy to finish it off from your list.

Master the art of Delegation
Master the art of delegation, while delegating make sure it is getting done. Have a check points to see the progress. If things are not working out well , adjust it. Delegating without checkpoints would be a disaster.

Stop Saying Yes When You Want to Say No
If you keep saying Yes, you are not going to win in your life, if you thing so its totally wrong. Its an art to say No without hurting. Say no with your valid data to prove it.

Be consistent
What ever you do , be consistent on it. Be predictable on what you do.

Be empathetic
Don’t be sympathetic , but be empathetic. There is a huge difference between these two.

Be responsive to changes
If you look at the history strongest is not who survived , but the one who is responsive to changes survive. So always be responsive to changes. Changes are inevitable.

Have a system in place backed by defined process.
Have a system in place to be more productive and it should be backed by a defined process and validation checkpoints. These checkpoints help you to monitor your system for effectiveness .

Need some inspirations

Jack Ma (Alibaba founder )

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