Learn from Mistakes
Many people think mistakes as failures in life, instead take it as a learning . You did a mistake because you tried to do something. It is more important to avoid same mistakes again.

Spend time with right people
It is key to find right people you need to be in company with. But avoid negativity and negative people as much as you can. Being in company with self motivated people will take you long way.

Write down your goals and targets
Note down your goals and targets , it is not ok to keep in in your minds. When you write it down it makes a lot of difference. Try it.

Know the purpose
When we do something , please know the purpose of your act. Quick example , if you are criticizing an individual in public , try understanding why you are doing this and what is the purpose of it. If you are criticizing to correct him , then doing it in public will do more harm as he will turn defensive. Instead try to explain his problems personally and support him to get it corrected. It may help him as well as you to achieve your purpose. So know the purpose of your act.

Be responsible
Be responsible for your tasks, human beings may make mistakes, but it is noble to accept the mistakes and being responsible for your tasks.

Embrace Changes
Changes are inevitable, its the law of nature. Accept it and embrace it. Consider changes as opportunities.

Being humble
Understand that you don’t have full control on your success and failure. Understanding this fact will make you humble.

Be clear in communications
When you communicate , be very clear and express it well. Good leaders always great in communication. Also don’t assume that people understand things in same way. 10 people can receive 1 message in 10 different ways.

Develop positive thinking
Positive thinking is the most important habit we need to cultivate. It changes the way we see our life. It helps to reduce stress. It helps to give different dimension to your problems and get a better solutions.

Take risks, Don’t worry about failure
Taking risks or calculated risk is always a quality of great leaders. Without risks we don’t gain anything in life. Don’t worry about failure. Don’t worry about what others think about you.

Compliment & appreciate others
Compliment on others efforts. Appreciate them. We are so stingy with it and we desire to have it.

Listen to others , by listening you are learning something. You have given two ears and one mouth , so listen more and talk less.

Always smile , it is such a wonderful tool to get things done. Try it out and thank me later.

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